Attention Deficit Hyeractivity Disorder / ADHD? – Get Disability Tax Credit

If you have Attention Deficit Hyeractivity Disorder /ADHD then you may qualify for Disability Tax Credit (DTC) from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Many people with Attention Deficit Hyeractivity Disorder /ADHD have one or more of problems such as not being able to pay attention for a period of time, especially while reading, doing paperwork, or working on things that you find boring or over-focusing and being unable to refocus your attention, especially when involved in activities that you find simulating or being easily distracted by things around you or forgetting to complete tasks even if they are daily activities. Many others are unable to pay close attention to details or making careless mistakes or are frequently losing necessary things or feel that mind is racing or switching channels frequently. They may also make impulsive decisions or lack organizational skills (time management,missed appointments, starting numerous projects but not completing them) or procraste. Most are easily bored, tuning out while being spoken to or seek out high-risk activities or have mood swings, temper outbursts and are not able to analyze own behaviour or see effect on others. In short they have difficulties with social interaction, have erratic work history (frequent job changes, job loss, holding more than one job). Difficulty paying bills on time and managing money, making impulse purchases, running out of money, history of bankruptcy or problems with driving (speeding tickets, serious accidents, license revoked, or being overly cautious when driving to compensate for attention problems) are also not uncommon.

In addtion to ADHD combined type (ADHD-C), ADHD Primarily Hyperactive/Impulsive, (ADHD, ADHD-PH/I) and ADHD Primarily Inattentive (ADD, ADHD-PI) normally people with other medical conditions also experience the above mentioned difficulties. These conditions include Learning Disabilities, Tourette syndrome, Oppositional defiant disorder, temper tantrums, antisocial personality disorder, Mood disorders, Bipolar disorder, Depressive, Anxiety, Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), Restless legs syndrome, Sleep disorders, Disorganized, Irritable nature, Easily distracted, Lack of concentration, Inattentiveness, Problem-solving difficulty, Vigilant concentration fatigue, Obsessive behavior or Perseverance deficit

For the purpose of Disability Tax Credit (DTC) Canada Revenue Agency  considers markedly restriction in performing the following mental functions necessary for everyday life for eligibility. You only need to meet one criteria:

  • adaptive functioning (for example, abilities related to self-care, health and safety, abilities to initiate and respond to social interaction and common, simple transactions); or
  • memory (for example, the ability to remember simple instructions, basic personal information such as name and address, or material of importance and interest); and
  • problem-solving, goal-setting, and judgment, taken together (for example, the ability to solve problems, set and keep goals, and make appropriate decisions and judgments).

Many people are not aware that certain disabilities may make you get financial help from the government in the form of Disability Tax Credits.

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The process of applying for Disability Tax Credit is never straightforward. It requires careful preparation. Through years of submitting such applications, we know the process well and do our best to file your application in the best way in order to avoid complications.

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