Disability Benefits Support Consultant

The way to recover part of income taxes that you or someone supporting you have paid, or to increase deductions from income, or to claim additional benefits is through the Disability Tax Credit. Some refunds may also be available through the Infirmity Amount. You do not have to be bed ridden or totally dependent upon others to claim these amounts. Nor does CRA require that one should not be able to work or earn income. Disability Benefits Support Consultant can help you assess your options.

Disability Tax Credit:

The Government offers tax deductions and credits for people with disabilities. These deductions and credits are processed through your tax return. Certain medical conditions based on criteria set by Canada Revenue Agency have to be met.

Do I Qualify For Disability Tax Credit:

One needs to have any one of the following disabilities / impairments:
  • Vision
  • Walking
  • Hearing
  • Feeding
  • Dressing
  • Elimination function (bladder or bowel)
  • Mental functions necessary for everyday life including memory, problem solving, goal setting, judgment and adaptive functioning
  • Therapy required to maintain a vital function – examples are chest physiotherapy, Kidney Dialysis, Type 1 Diabetes. If you spend more than 14 hours a week on this you may qualify.

Once you qualify for DTC there are a lot of benefits, credits and deductions that you may be entitled to. Disability Benefits Support Consultant works for you to maximize these benefits. Qualifying for this credit may mean large amounts of money from the Government – even if you have not paid taxes. If you are working you may still qualify for this. Age is also not a criteria. A lot of seniors qualify because of walking problems or they have some loss of memory or judgment making capability.

Infirmity Tax Credit:

The Government offers a lesser tax credit for people who do not meet the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) requirement but are dependent on others because of a physical or mental condition/impairment. So if you have previously applied for but have been denied the DTC, fear not – we will help you claim the Infirmity Amount.

Most people who qualify for money from multiple of these sources do not claim it because they do not know all sources of support available or they find the process too cumbersome or complicated. For an average person it is difficult to understand the requirements. Fear not – we are here to help you. We will work for you to claim the money that you are entitled to. Even if you do not qualify under the above classifications there are still a lot of benefits that are available. If you are availing the above benefits we still encourage you to contact us for a review of your claims – it will not cost you anything if we cannot find some benefit or refund for you!!!

Registered Disability Savings Plan / Bond:

The Government has recently added this program for people with disabilities. You may be entitled to a $1,000 Bond and / or a Grant of up to $3,500 per year. There are strict requirements that need to be met for this. These Grants and Bonds will allow greater financial security and well-being for people with disabilities and their families.

Most people who qualify for these grants and bonds do not claim it because they either do not know about it or find the process too cumbersome. We are here to help you. We will work for you to claim the money that you are entitled to.

Call us to book a FREE consultation that may result in you receiving up to $42,000 from the Government. Can there be a better investment of your time? So why wait, pick up the phone now and call us toll free at 1855 786 4786 or email us at: info@DisabilityRefunds.com