Disability Tax Credit Application Assistance

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At Disability Refunds, we pride ourselves on offering specialized services aimed at securing government benefits for individuals dealing with health complications. We understand the complexities and obstacles that can arise in securing these benefits, and we are here to alleviate these challenges.

Our Commitment to Maximizing Your Benefits

Our services are not limited to just acquiring benefits. As accountants, we continue to liaise with our clients long after their initial compensation has been obtained. This ensures that our clients do not miss out on any potential future benefits they may be entitled to.

We are also committed to offering our services at a competitively lower rate. Unlike larger firms that charge up to 33%-40% in contingent fees, we only charge a 25% fee. This commitment to affordable service does not compromise the quality or effectiveness of our work.

Our Guarantee of Accountability

At our company, we stand by our services with a guarantee. If any client is required to pay back the benefit they received due to an error on our part, we will refund the related fees. We are also considering expanding our guarantee to include refunding the full amount claimed by the government, not just our fees, in case of any mistakes from our side.

Our services can help save time, energy, and provide you with more peace of mind. By filling out our online authorization form, we can better understand your individual disability tax needs, offer quicker turnaround time, and cut down on back-and-forth communication to collect your tax information.

Choosing to work with our team at Disability Refunds means choosing to work with dedicated professionals who take your financial health as seriously as you do. Our goal is to lessen the financial burden on you and your family, ensuring that you receive the benefits you deserve. Trust us to handle the paperwork and the government agencies while you focus on what matters most: your health and well-being. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you need help with a disability tax credit application, contact us today.