Both Federal and Provincial Governments have different benefits for people with different levels of disability and financial requirements. You may be entitled to benefits and support from both. These programs are open to all Canadians; however, the process can be very complex and overwhelming. We at Disability Refunds will make your disability claims easy and simple and we also work hard to get you every single dollar you are entitled to.

So far we have successfully processed claims for a lot of people with different kinds of physical and mental health issues. Unlike other firms we offer a range of services including taking care of your tax returns every year. Because we are very good in preparing tax returns too, we can help you maximize your benefits year after year. This means you don’t have to go around shopping for a tax preparer who may not understand your situation.

Remember the situation you are in is not your choice and therefore you deserve every help you can get. We specialize in helping disabled and special needs people getting their due share of money from various Government sources. If you are disabled you may qualify for tax refunds, tax credits, grants, bonds or payments from more than one source eg.

Most people who qualify for money from multiple of these sources do not claim it because they do not know all sources of support available or they find the process too cumbersome or complicated. For an average person it is difficult to understand the requirements. Take the definition of disability itself – almost every support program out there has its own definition. Disability is defined differently for purposes of Income Tax, CPP, Employment Insurance, Students Loans & Grants – although all services are administered by the Federal Government! Fear not – we are here to help you. We will work for you to claim the money that you are entitled to. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

Do you or someone in your family have or have had a health issue?

  1. If the person with health issues or any supporting person filed or are eligible to file an income tax return – Please check out the section for Disability Tax Credits as well as the Registered Disability Saving Plan

  2. If the person with health issues or any supporting person contributed CPP – Please read the section on CPP

Call us to book a FREE consultation that may result in you receiving up to $42,000 from the Government. Can there be a better investment of your time? So why wait, pick up the phone now and call us toll free at 1855 786 4786 or email us at: