The experts at DisabilityRefunds work with thousands of clients in applying and obtaining the Disability Tax Credit. Some of our clients come to us after they have received an initial rejection letter from the CRA. Our team has the resources and knowledge to file an appeal and help you get the benefit you deserve.

Our low decline rates is what brings our clients to us. We understand every person’s needs are a little bit different and we have the experience to help you with your claim or appeal in a way that maximizes your chance to receive your benefit.

When you receive a rejection from the CRA, they are not always clear on why. That is where we come in. We can review your application and identify the reason for the rejection and then work to remedy it and appeal to the CRA.

We work with the CRA on many different claims and understand how the process works. Many people who receive a rejection are given only 90 days to submit an appeal. Sometimes gathering additional info and figuring out why your application was rejected can take much longer when you are doing it alone. Work with our experts and use our experience and knowledge to your advantage.

Some common reasons for a rejection include:

  • Missing a deadline
  • Unclear explanation of your disability/medical condition
  • Insufficient medical documentation
  • Human error – ambiguous signature, wrong date, etc.

We have also worked with individuals whose medical/living condition had changed since the filing of their application. In this instance, you may be entitled to some other credits other than what you were originally entitled to.

If you or a loved one have received a rejection from the CRA – contact us for guidance and rely on us to do the hard work for you.