Many families with a disabled family member face unique challenges every day. Whether it be learning disorders such as dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, or a speech disorder – families with a special needs child often go through daily struggles and manage to do so with immaculate grace.

It’s no surprise that raising a child is expensive, but raising a  special needs  child can accrue unexpected or non-normative expenses. Summer vacations can be tough for families with special needs due to the sudden change in routine for the child. According to research studies, children with down syndrome can cope better when they have a daily routine in place. However, parents know this is not always easy and planning for the unexpected isn’t always possible.

That’s why our experts at DisabilityRefunds help families receive the maximum disability benefit for your family. Having extra financial support can be one less burden parents carry on their shoulders when caring for a special needs child.

Maximum credit

A disabled adult can claim up to $20,000 through the Disability Tax Credit application process while a disabled child can claim up to $42,000. This varies slightly depending on which province you live in, so please reach out to our team for a more accurate estimation based on where you currently reside.

Children are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit as well as the Child Disability Benefit. This additional benefit is tax-free and is dependent on various things such as whether the child lives in a single-income home or dual-income home as well as the family income. Our team can guide you through this application process based on your personal situation.

Special Account

In addition to the tax refund and the Child Disability Benefit, children and others under the age of 49 that are approved for the Disability Tax Credit can open a special account called Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) and receive grants and bonds of up to $90,000.

How it works

Children under 18 are not able to claim any of the financial credits for themselves, a parent or guardian claims it on their behalf. Every child is allowed the same number of credits on an annual basis and the CRA allows an additional amount for caregiving that increases your refund.

The application process needs to be completed accurately to avoid any mistakes and misinterpretations. Our team assists families through the application process and explains each step in detail and files the application for a hassle-free experience. Email us at for a free consultation.